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Japanese language e-books


  • AsiaPortal E-Resources - several databases on Asia
  • CiNii - articles, books and dessertertons database on Japanese language, partly full text.
  •   IRDB - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online (JSTOR til 3.31.2019) 
  • J-Stage - Japane Science and Technology Information Aggregator
  • JapanKnowledge - Reference work on Japanese. Access to Gunsho ruiju (群書類従) from here.




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Oria - The library's main catalogue. (containing books, articles and other resources)

Where can I find books on Japanese study in the Library?

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Selected journals

In western Languages: Printed Journals on the 1st floor. Book Shelfs 495 (East Asia) and 950 (Asia). Many journals articles are available via Library catalogue.

In Japanese Language: There are printed journals on the 4th floor (Mesaninen).



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