Books on Korea and Korean conditions

Books concerning the Korean peninsula on various languages are mainly located the following places in Georg Sverdrups hus (HUMSAM): 1) Books on the 4th floor, Mesaninen, mostly in Korean 2) Books on 2nd and 3rd floor, Dewey-collection, Western languages

Ad 1) Books on the 4th floor, Mesaninen:

  • Books in Korean + books in Western languages concerning Korean language and literature

Special location system , e.g. UHS Mes ØST Jc 90:

Ja  Korea, in general (reference works)

Jb  Korean language (dictionaries, courses)

Jc  Korean literature

Jd  History

Je  Archeology

Jf  Korea-other countries

Jg  Political parties, movements

Ji  Economy

Jk  Agriculture, fishery

Jm  Geography, anthropography

Jo  Travelogues, travel guides

Jp  Institutions, judicial system

Jq  Education, research

Jr  Social conditions

Js  Folklore

Jt  Filosophy

Ju  History of religion, mythology

Jv  Aesthetics (music, art, theater, architecture)


  • Referance works for Korea: Ref4. No loan.


Ad 2) Books on 2nd and 3rd floor, Dewey-collection:

  • Books on the Korean peninsula and Korean conditions, in Western languages

Using the Dewey-system.  Dewey: subject search. (Norwegian)

Dewey-numbers Korea, of interest.:

2nd floor:

300.9519              Korea : Social sciences

301.095195          South Korea : Sociology

302.23095195      South Korea : Media

306.09519            Korea : Social anthropology

306.095193          North Korea : Social anthropology

306.095195          South Korea : Social anthropology

320.9519              Korea : Political science

390.09519            Korea : Folklore

951.9                    Korea : History

951.93                  North Korea : History

951.95                  South Korea : History

3rd floor:

181.119                Korea : Philosophy

200.9519              Korea: Religion

261.09519            Korea : Christianity

294.309519          Korea : Buddhism

299.57                  Korea : Religion, mythology

709.519                Korea : Art

720.9519              Korea : Architecture

780.9519              Korea : Music

791.4309519        Korea : Film


  •  Referance works for Korea, in Western languages: Ref2, Ref3. No loan.




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