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Online reference works

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Handbooks, Textbooks & Studies

Languages of the World

  • Glottolog - "Comprehensive reference information for the world's languages, especially the lesser known languages."
  • Ethnologue - "A comprehensive reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages."
  • Language Landscape - map with links to recordings of the languages of the world.
  • Scriptsource - "collaborative reference to the writing systems of the world"
  • Multitree "MultiTree is a searchable database of hypotheses on language relationships."
  • LL-MAP - "a digital mapping project that integrates language data and information from the physical and social sciences. Users can browse our large collection of digital maps or view multiple maps at once with the map viewer.
  • Endangered Languages - "The Endangered Languages Project puts technology at the service of the organizations and individuals working to confront the language endangerment by documenting, preserving and teaching them"
  • UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger

Databases and Corpora


Linguistic Bibliographies

E-mail lists & Blogs

  • The Linguist List - "a forum where academic linguists can discuss linguistic issues and exchange linguistic information."
  • Other e-mail lists
  • Diversity Linguistics Comment - "provides a forum for discussion for descriptive linguists, language typologists and historical-comparative linguists."
  • Philosophy of Linguistics - en blogg "On the Nature of the Science of Language"
  • Language on the move - "peer-reviewed sociolinguistics research site devoted to multilingualism, language learning and intercultural communication in the contexts of globalization and migration [...] consists primarily of doctoral candidates in sociolinguists based at Macquarie University and is complemented by contributors from around the world."

General Literature Search

UB and Norwegian Universities

  • Oria - the Norwegian University Libraries' catalogue: books, journals and article search.

    Subject search in Oria

  • HKI - Foreign literature published before 1966 which is not (yet) registered in Oria.

General Databases for the Humanities

  • ProQuest - Litteratur og språk - Indexed database of research publications within the Humanities. Contains 320 journals, magazines and newspapers published in the UK and in the USA. Covers publication from 1962 onward
  • Humanities Abstracts (Ebsco) Indexed database of articles form more than 570 journals. Indexing from 1984, article abstracts from 1994.
  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index (Web of Science) - Interdisciplinary international database. Allows subject search for articles and citation search for books and articles. Journals ranged by so called "impact factor" (how often a journal is cited within a given period).
  • Science Direct (Elsevier) - database of journals and e-books from Elsevier (NB: more than 10 000 matches return an error message).
  • ERIC (OVID) - the world's largest index to journal articles and research reports in education, includes citation and abstract information from over 750 educational journals and related documents.

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