Books on linguistics

Open collections

The open collections are arranged according to Dewey's decimal system. The linguistics section is on the second floor, in the south west corner.

One exception: sociolinguistics ( Dewey code   306.44* ). Books on sociolinguistics are shelved together with other sociology books on the first floor (south west corner).

Semi-open collections

These collections are called semi-open because the admission is restricted. Only MA students and university employees have access. (Use your student/employee card as a key.) Other users must order books from the semi-open collections in the usual way for books shelved in store rooms, "magasinlån".)

Each sub-collection is arranged according to a unique code (not Dewey).

You will find the semi-open collections in K11, a subterranean storeroom (K floor) in the southern part of the building. The most convenient access is via the Southern staircase. Use the door right in front of the printed journals on the ground floor.

Closed collections

Every book with "Mag312", "Mag313", etc. as a part of its shelf signature is stored in a closed storeroom. Press the relevant button on the Oria menu or ask the staff, "magasinlån".


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