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Selected databases

Littforsk - Bibliography of Norwegian research in literature A database containing references to research on literature published primary in Norway, including books, theses, and articles from books and journals. Operated by the National Library of Norway.

DLB - Bibliography of Danish Literary History The main bibliography in the fields of Danish literary science and history of Danish literature. Operated by the Royal Library in Denmark.

Bibliography of the Swedish History of Literature A database of books and articles within the fields of Swedish literary science and history of Swedish literature developed by Uppsala University Library and now a sub-database of the national catalog LIBRIS. 

MLA - Modern Language Association International Bibliography A classified listing and subject index of scholarly books and articles on modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics. Operated by the Modern Language Association of America.

Use the professional databases to avoid so-called predatory journals. You can also check if the journal is listed  NSD`s list. There are various online listings of predatory publishing channels - such as Bealls blacklist.

Find more databases in Scandinavian linguistics and literary studies organized by each country's LANGUAGE and LITERATURE

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