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Selected resources

Criminal Justice Abstracts
Important bibliographic database for criminal justice and criminology research. It provides indexing and abstracts for hundreds of journals covering all related subjects, including forensic sciences, corrections, policing, criminal law and investigation.

Web of Science
An interdisciplinary international database that covers many fields, including social sciences. Contains references to peer-reviewed articles, books and much more. Here you can find literature in both criminology and sociology of law.

Lovdata Pro
Contains Norwegian legal sources in full text, including laws, preparatory work, court decisions and EEA regulations. Allows you to write comments and highlight in the documents, make references between them, and save them in your own folders.

American and international literature on law, sociology of law and criminology. It is possible to limit to and search the sub-base "Criminal Justice and Criminology".

Sage research methods online
Literature on many different scientific methods. UiO has access to books, podcasts and encyclopedias.

Contains full-text editions of selected journals in most disciplines (including social sciences), often from the first editions.

Digital publications from UiO, including master theses.

An interdisciplinary international database with abstracts and references to peer-reviewed articles, books and conference papers.

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  • Kriminologene 
    Norwegian podcast with host Thomas Ugelvik, who interviews criminologists about their own and others research.

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