Legal and criminological monographs in foreign language

The aim of the exhibition is to present legal and criminological monographs published in foreign languages by the permanent staff at the Faculty of Law since the year 2000.

Many parts of the law go through a process of internationalization. National laws have to adapt to EU directives and obligations due to international treaties. 

Norwegian legal literature tends to attract mainly Scandinavian/Nordic readers.  This exhibition is meant to show some of the foreign language literature that can be a contribution to the international society regarding different areas of law.

The amount of foreign language literature, published by the permanent academic staff, is quite extensive.  That includes monographs, chapters in anthologies, articles, reports and editorship. This display highlights a small but important part of the publications, legal monographs.

Monographs alphabetical by title

A complete list of monograps by academic staff at the Faculty of Law.

Sortable monographs

A sortable list of monographs.