About the project

32 Authors

60 monographs in English

1 monograph in German

Due to a limited timeframe and a large collection of foreign language literature did I have to set some criteria.

Only monographs are displayed. Other forms of literature as reports, edited works, articles etc. are not part of the exhibition. It was quite hard to draw a line regarding how to define a “monograph”.  

As for “permanent academic staff”, that includes any academic who have or had a permanent position at the faculty between 2000 and 2014. Academic staff in a temporary position has been excluded.  I.e. researchers that’s part of a project that has a timeframe, research assistants, research fellows, professor II and postdoctoral fellows.

Eventually I was left with a list of a total of 117 names. To get a complete list of monographs I researched what they had published in three different databases; Cristin, Bibsys and Norwegian national bibliography (Norbok)

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