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Guidelines for publishing e-prints at the Department of Mathematics

The preprint series published by the Department of Mathematics is now only published electronically and is called e-prints.

If you are affiliated to the department as scientific staff, PhD student or guest researcher, you can publish reseach results as e-prints in the departments e-print series.

How to publish an e-print?

To publish e-print you have to do the following four things:

  1. Find out what e-print series is right for your article. Below is a list of what series are available.
  2. Give your article the right heading, so it can be identified as an e-print. It is important that the heading contains the correct year, and the right ISSN-number. If you are using Latex, you may use this code.(pdf)
  3. Register your article in Cristin. Use the report category. 
  4. Upload your article in full version to DUO from Cristin.

The departments e-print series:

  • Pure Mathematics ISSN 0806-2439
  • Mechanics and Applied Mathematics ISSN 0809-4403
  • Research Report in Mechanics ISSN 0801-9940
  • Statistical Research Report ISSN 0806-3842
  • Statistical Memoirs ISSN 0809-0335
  • Oslo Scientific Computing Archive ISSN 1500-6050
  • Vitenskapshistorisk skriftserie ISSN 1500-2756

It may take some days befor your article becomes visible in DUO.

Do you need to edit an e-print that is already published?

To publish an edited version of your e-print you have to do the following two things:

  1. Use the guidelines above to upload the new file through Cristin, make sure that the name of the file reflects that it is edited: edited-oldfilename.pdf, and if you need to edit it a second time: edited2-oldfilename.pdf.  
  2. In Cristin: Remember to check the box Yes for: Revised No Yes (Is the work a revision of a previous edition?)

Because every revision will create extra work for the people helping us with the publishing we ask you to keep the number of revisions to a minimum.

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