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Publishing and self-archiving

Checklist for publishing and self-archiving of articles in journals

  1. Find a journal that fits your article. If you are a Ph.D.-candidate, ask your supervisor or other colleagues for advice.
  2. When you have chosen a journal, submit a preprint of the article.
  3. If it is common in your Field to publish on arXiv, check if the journal you have chosen admits distribution of the preprint (use f.ex. the database RoMEO). If so, upload your preprint on
  4. When the article is accepted, make a postprint of the article based on the referee's report. Check the database RoMEO if the journal admits that you upload the postprint to, and if so, update the preprint.
  5. When the article is printed, you usually receive a file with the journal's final formatted version. Check the database RoMEO if you can upload the preprint, postprint or the journal's final formatted version to DUO via Christin. You can also see the journal's terms and conditions, that is usually send to you, and that you most of the time can find on the journal's webpages.


DUO is the University of Oslo's system for self-archiving.

About self-archiving in DUO


In addition to DUO, it is recommended to use arXiv for archiving articles, and publications are made avaliable for others without delay. The electronic archive is a moderated webpage for research articles in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitaive biology, quantitative finance and statistics. The articles uploaded here are normally not peer-reviewed to begin with, but most of them will ultimately be reviewed and published in journals.

Publishing on arXiv gives you ownership to the idea that you have published, and at the same time makes it possible for fellow researchers to comment on your work prior to publication. You may also subscribe to daily emails with updates on new publications.

Use of arXiv may have some disadvantages. For example, an uploaded document can never be removed, the LaTeX-code to your document is avaliable for everyone, and some journals do not allow self-archiving.


The Department of Mathematics' preprint-series can still be used. They can now only be found in Electronic Version, and are referred to as "e-prints". Guidelines for publishing e-prints at the Department of Mathematics.

University guidelines

The University of Oslo wants employees to publish Open Acces (OA) when this does not interfer with the principles of academic freedom.

Subject specific links

Change the contract


If the journal you wish to publish in normally does not allow self-archiving, you can change the contract with a standard text.





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