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Contains MEDLINE (1966-), OLDMEDLINE (1946-1965), PubMed in Process.

Web of knowledge - Web of Science
Web of Science gives access to: Science citation index expanded, Social science citation index, Arts and humanities citation index, and Conference proceedings citation index. 

a reference and quotation database.

European database with references to journal articles withing biomedicin and pharmacology. 

SciFinder Scolar/Chemical abstracts
CAplus (1907- ), Medline (1958 - ), CAS react (1974 - ) and CAS Registry file. 

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Other resources

Medicinal plant collections at UiO

In Norwegian. Farmakognostisk drogesamling og Arnold Nordals Burmasamling.

Pharmaceutical Excipients
Summary of pharmacopeia specifications and the regulatory status of excipients, providing you with a one stop resource when researching an excipient for use. Access through MedicinesComplete.

Merck Index 
For over 120 years The Merck Index has been regarded as the most authoritative and reliable source of information on chemicals, drugs and biologicals.

Provides you with practical, evidence-based, global guidance, allowing you to quickly understand the characteristics of drugs and their clinical uses. Access through Micromedex.

Ph. Eur- online- European Pharmacopeia ed.

An official pharmacopoeia which provides common quality standards to control the quality of medicines, and the substances used to manufacture them.

Contact if you want a license.

US Pharmacopeia. Published annually by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention. You need to register with an for access. After 30 days you need to register again.

Encyclopedia of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy

This encyclopaedia covers definitions, concepts, methods, theories and applications of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice.

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