Where do I find physics books in the library?

The newest physics books are found in the Science Library's new 'Boksamling', while older books are found in the physics collection ('FYS') that has been moved from the old faculty library.


With the merge of the old faculty libraries into the new Science Library in 2012, we started a new common collection 'Boksamling', which is where you find the newest books. Pure physics is located mainly under call codes 530-539, while topics such as materials science, electronics and other branches of applied physics and engineering are found under 620-629

To reach this collection, where you find the newest physics books, walk forwards and slightly to the right when you enter the library. Recent purchases are on display on the front.

FYS-samlingen (the physics collection)

A large part of the collection from the old physics faculty library is also available on open shelves. When you enter the library, head straight to the right to get to the physics collection. The guides below can help you locate books about a specific subject:

Most books from closed shelves are also available for loan. They are searchable in Oria, from which you can request a book by clicking "Order/reserve". You can of course also ask at the counter or contact us by email or phone. 

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Published Nov. 29, 2012 1:24 PM - Last modified May 3, 2016 1:40 PM