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Study room booking in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Theology

The Theological Library contains two group study rooms: B103 and B108. UiO students and employees can reserve study rooms through We recommend using a computer. All bookings generate an e-mail confirming the reservation. Make sure you choose the correct room list, "Domus Theologica". 

The following rules apply 

  • Maximum meeting length pr. booking is two hours
  • Maximum two bookings pr. person pr. day
  • Minimum two participants 
  • Book up to 14 days in advance
  • Multiple rooms can not be booked for the same time slot
  • Rooms not in use 15 minutes after reserved time can be used by others

Bookings violating these rules can be deleted by library staff. 

How to book

Open UiO webmail, on your computer and sign in. 

Select Calendar on the upper right of the page:

Select New event on the upper left of the page: 

Fill in the desired time, and give the "meeting" a name. To choose a free room press Add room:

Choose the room list Domus Theologica

These rooms are available at the selected time:

Select a room, invite participants and send the request. 
You will receive an email confirming whether or not the room has been reserved. 

See when a room is available

In the calendar, right-click on OTHER CALENDARS (in the left column) and select Open calendar.
Enter theologica in From directory, and click Search. Select a room and click Open.

Mobile phones and tablets

We do not recommend it, but it is possible to book a room using your mobile phone or tablet. You will not be able to see if a room is available when you book it.The system sends an e-mail confirming or declining the booking. 


  • If the time zone for your UiO user in Outlook is different from GMT+1, your reservations will be made for different times than intended. This is most frequently experienced by Mac and iPhone users. 
  • If you book using a mobile, you will not get a clear overview of available rooms and may risk reserving a room which is already booked. Read the email confirmation from Outlook carefully. 
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