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Search in Oria to find physical material (i.e. books, journals, music, anatomic models etc.), and electronic resources.

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General search tips

  • When you search in the first tab “Books + articles at UiO” you limit your search to books, journals etc. which are available at UiO.
  • The search results are sorted by relevance
  • You can adjust your search results by using the left menu on the search results page.
  • Combine search terms with either AND, OR or NOT (use uppercase letters):
    • Global AND warming limits the search to items that contain both words.
    • Global OR warming gives you items which contain one or both of the words.
    • Global NOT warming excludes warming from your search.
  • Combine search words using quotes “” or brackets () 
    • “global warming” gives you items that contain that exact phrase
    • (irish OR celtic) AND culture gives you items that contain either irish or celtic as well as culture.
    • “global warming” OR “climate change” give you items which contain one of those exact phrases.
  • Truncate a search using asterisks
    • Cultur* gives you items which begin with Cultur, for example culture, cultural and culturally
  • You can search for ISBN numbers with and without hyphens
    • 978-82-417-0807-7
    • 9788241708077
  • You can search for ISSN number with and without hyphens
    • 0096-6908
    • 00966908


Search tips for books

  • Using the first tab “Books + articles at UiO” you can search for book titles and/or authors
  • Searching for the exact book title will give you the best results
  • Using the first tab “Books + articles at UiO” you search for books in the UiO library, but if you can’t find what you are looking for you can move the search to the second tab “Books in Norwegian research libraries” where you can find other Norwegian academic and research libraries who have the book.


Books which aren't available at UiO

Choose the second search tab “Books in Norwegian research libraries” to search for printed and electronic collections in more than 100 academic and research libraries in Norway. We can order books for you from other libraries. Read more about ordering.

Tips for searching for articles

When you find the article you want, click the [Read online] link to find the link to the actual article, which you can read electronically.

Advanced search

In Oria you can choose to use the [Advanced search] link on the right hand side of the search box. The advanced search allows you to combine various fields like title, author and ISBN using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and other constraints to make your search more precise. 

Advanced search

If you search in the second tab “Books in Norwegian research libraries” you get results from academic and research libraries from all over Norway. This option also gives you more alternatives for which fields you can search in, i.e. Dewey-classification numbers, subject etc.



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