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Systematic literature search

We can help with a systematic literature search. 

Systematic literature review


What is a systematic literature search?

Systematic searching is essential when making a systematic review or meta-analysis. It is a rigorous and reasoned methodology which is characterized by comprehensive searching in multiple databases and by an extensive use of keywords. The aim is to systematically revise the search result to find as much relevant literature as possible. The search methods should be documented and verifiable.

When to conduct a systematic literature search?

There are strict criteria for the execution of a literature search for a systematic review or meta-analysis. The methodology helps us to find all the research on a clearly defined question. You can also conduct a systematic search as the basis for a review article.

The thoroughness of the search depends on the field and the intended use of the results. Systematic searching is mostly common in the fields of medicine, psychology, education, nursing and health disciplines, but is not limited to these areas. 

The methodology can be applied to broader topics, the search tend to be less extensive. 

Who can I contact?

If you would like help to conduct a systematic literature search, you can book a librarian or contact your local branch library.

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