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Formatting your Master's thesis

When writing large documents, it is helpful to use styles. Styles help with the layout of the document and form the basis for the automatic generation of a table of contents.

Templates for Word

The library's template (the "DUO-template") is no longer available for downloading. With today's word processing systems you can easily write large documents and keep your document well structured using styles, headings, table of contents etc. A separate template document is therefore not necessary. Learn to use the features already available. To begin writing your master thesis now, simply use the built-in styles that come with your word processing system.

You can also find tips and formal requirements for a master's thesis at the web page Search & Write.

If you are already using the template, the instructions is still available.

Regarding thesis template for Mac 2011: If you have problems with page numbering and table of contents, see guide.

Templates for LaTeX

LaTeX is mostly used within the fields of mathematics and the natural sciences. For information about LaTeX from the Informatics department please refer to Informasjon om LaTeX med venner (information in Norwegian and English).

Layout and formatting a master's thesis

The guidelines from the service Search & Write describes the formal requirements for a master's thesis, what elements are to be included, tips on how to work with styles and headlines, etc. in Word without using UB's template.

Front covers for your master's thesis

Graphic Centre at UiO has developed standardised templates for the front covers of Bachelor's and Master's theses.

Academic writing centre

Academic writing centre (located in the Library of the Humanities and the Social Sciences) offers guidance in your writing process, e.g. problem formulation, argumentation, academic language, references and other issues.


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