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Thesis templates and DUO

When writing large documents, it is helpful to use styles. Styles help with the layout of the document and form the basis for the automatic generation of a table of content

You can download and use the thesis templates for Word which are provided by the University library, and you can also find information about using thesis templates for LaTeX.

Formal requirements, guidelines

If you wish to write your thesis without using the templates offered here, it is advisable to look at the guideline from the service Search & Write. The guide looks into formal requirements for the layout of the master's thesis and the elements that will be included in a thesis.

Templates for Word

We have created a template containing suitable styles for a master thesis. Some departments have their own templates exhibiting a somewhat different style. Information about styles and templates can often be found on a department’s web pages. If you are not using the this template or another template, please use styles, at the very least.

All the templates are in Norwegian, and they are based on standard Word versions. They will also work on English versions of Word. All Norwegian terms are explained in the English instructions for the templates.


NB. If you are using Internet Explorer, it can be difficult to open a file simply by clicking on the link. Right-click on the link and save the file, then open it from the saved location.

Below is a quick-start guide, or you can read the full instructions for the thesis template.

  1. Download the template and save it to ‘M’ (your home directory) or another secure location. If you are using Internet Explorer, it might be difficult to open the file by clicking on the link. Right-click on the link, save the file, then open the file from the saved location.
  2. Fill out the document properties information. This information will follow the file when converted to PDF and is important for internet search engines.
  3. Start typing. Use the heading style hierarchy correctly; these styles are used to generate the table of contents. It is also possible to generate a list of figures automatically. To use this feature, use the figure style for figure titles in Figure Figure titles. Looking through the list of styles in the template before starting might be useful. The list is found in the full instructions.
    WARNING: You should not move between different versions of Word. If you have started working in Word 2010, you should not open and save the document in Word 2007, and vice versa If you do this, the document could be damaged or destroyed.
  4. Finish the thesis. Ensure that all figures and illustrations are correct, that a front page has been filled out, and that everything looks nice. Create a table of contents and a reference list. Create a PDF version of your document. Read about how to generate a PDF file from Word, OpenOffice, LaTeX, etc. on USIT's pages.
  5. You should allow four working days for printing at Reprosentralen. More information regarding the submission of a thesis is available from your department.

Templates for LaTeX

LaTeX is mostly used within the fields of mathematics and the natural sciences. For information about LaTeX from the Informatics department please refer to Informasjon om LaTeX med venner (information in Norwegian and English).



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