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How to create a title page for your master's thesis

Here are tips and suggestions on how to create the title page for your master's thesis and other assignments. If your institute does not have its own template or requirements to follow, you can use the layout shown here.

A title page will usually contain these items:

  • Title, possibly subtitle
  • Your name or student number
  • Assignment type (e.g. Master’s Thesis)
  • Institutional affiliation (university, faculty, department, subject, etc.)
  • Semester or date

Below are examples showing how the title page of your master's thesis can be designed. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Example of title page. Example of title page.

  • Use Arial as the font for all content on the title page.
  • The font sizes in the examples are indicative, and should be adjusted according to the amount of content that is placed on the page.
  • The content is centered.
  • The top logo is available in Norwegian and English.

These are the elements that are required to comply with UiO's design manual. Remember to check if your department has its own requirements for information to be included on the title page.

Download the top logo

Download and save the UiO logo on your own computer or domain:

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