Word for Mac - page numbers and table of contents

After upgrading to the last Office/Word version there can be problems with page numbering and the table of contents. Here are instructions on how to correct this.

Create a back up copy of your thesis file before you make any changes! If the formatting ends up being wrong, you can start over again with the back up file.

How to correct page numbers and how to correct the table of contents.


Correcting the page numbering

The thesis should have roman numerals on the first preliminary pages, and should start a new numbering with arabic numerals on the first page of chapter 1. As an example, if your chapter 1 is numbered page 12 or 13 and not 1, here is how to correct this. 

1. Show formatting symbols

Select [Show formatting symbols]. This makes it easier to set the curser in the correct place.

Knapp for å vise formatering.

2. Cursor under the the section break

Below the table of contents you will see a [section break]. Place the cursor directly after this, as shown.

Markør rett under section break.


3. Remove content under the section break

Press the "fn" + "backspace" buttons once.

Fn pluss backspace

4. Correct numbering in part two

The cursor is now placed in the heading of chapter 1. Leave it there.

Your page numbering should now start anew, but it might start with page 0 and not page 1.

To correct this, access the [Insert] menu, select the button [Page Number] and choose [Format Page Numbers]. Change from 0 to 1 as shown. Click OK.

Velg formatering av nummerering

Endre start fra 0 til 1

Correcting the table of contents

If the table of contents is no longer updating the changes made in the thesis, or an error message is displayed saying there is no content, here is how to correct this:

1. Show formatting symbols

Select [Show formatting symbols]. This makes it easier to set the curser in the correct place.

Knapp for å vise formatering.

2. Select the table of contents.

Move the cursor over the table of contents so that it is highlighted grey, and click above line number 1.

Sett markøren i innholdsfortegnelsen

3. Insert a new table of contents

Access the [References] menu, select [Table of contents] and choose [Custom Table of Contents].

Sett inn inholdsfortegnelse

4. Chose the format for the table of contents and which styles to include

Choose the format. Distinctive is a style similar to the original template style. Click Options.

Specify the level for 1 Duo Heading, 2 Duo Heading og 3 Duo Heading in the table of contents. Write 1, 2 and 3 as shown below.

Sett nivå på overskrifter

Scroll to the bottom and write 1 for the heading style [Uten nr. Etter kap. 1], so that this heading is included in the table of contents.

Sett verdi for overskrift uten nummer

Click OK and then OK again.

5. Replace the current table of contents

If a you are asked to replace the current table of contents, choose Yes.

Published May 2, 2018 3:09 PM - Last modified May 7, 2018 2:32 PM