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How to apply for support for processing charges: Articles

Read the guidelines below, and then fill out the online application form. You will find the link to the form at the bottom of this page.

The publishing fund does not support hybrid open access journals. The hybrid model are traditional journals where only some of the articles are open access, if a publication fee has been paid to the publisher. Other articles in the journals remain accessible only through subscription.

Procedures and conditions

Financial support to cover article processing charges is granted on the following conditions:

  1. Only the corresponding author may apply for support. The corresponding author must be affiliated with UiO as an employee or as a student. “Corresponding author” refers to the author who is responsible for submission of the article and follow-up of the same through the journal’s publication process. Both full-time and part-time employees may apply. The UiO affiliation of the author must appear in the article's author information. If the UiO affiliation is missing, the awarded funding may be withdrawn.
  2. The publication fund covers article processing charges in Open Access journals only. “Open Access journals” refers to journals that are open to everybody, and not regulated by subscription schemes or other barriers. The amount of the support cannot exceed NOK 25.000,- (incl. MVA).
  3. Maximum 1 application can be approved per person per year.
  4. Approved application is valid one year after date for application. The time limit might be extended if applicant notify the fund management.
  5. Requirements to journals:
    1. The journal must be registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals. (DOAJ,
    2. The journal must be at level 1 or level 2 in DBH’s register of publication channels, see
    3. The article must be made available with a Creative Commons license.
  6. Support is not granted for supplementary charges (colours, pages etc.) associated with publication in traditional journals.
  7. Support cannot be applied for retroactively: that is to say, if the article has already been published.
  8. The article must be registered in CRIStin, and the full text published must be uploaded to CRIStin immediately after publication.
  9. Apply for support early in the writing process, preferably before the paper is sent to the journal for review. Then you know the outcome of the application at an early stage. In case of rejection, you must arrange for other funding.
  10. In well-founded individual cases, the University Library may grant support even though not all requirements are met.
  11. The guidelines and how they are put into effect will be continuously evaluated in cooperation with the Library Director.
  12. These guidelines can be amended without prior notice, but without any retroactive effect for applications that have already been processed.
  13. The University Library’s decisions are final with no opportunity for appeal.

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