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Research funders requirements

For employees at the University of Oslo there are two main research financers with requirements pertaining Open Access. The Research Council of Norway and the EU require that publications which report research results which have been funded by them, must be published in open channels.

The government

The government’s goal is that all publicly funded Norwegian research articles should be made openly available by 2024, and the government has established guidelines and measures for open access to research articles.
Read the document National goals and guidelines for open access to research articles (PDF)


UiOs Open Access policy is in accordance with the government's guidelines: all members of staff "shall undertake to do their best to ensure that scientific articles deposited into the institutional repository can be made openly available as soon as possible".

The individual researcher at UiO has the following responsibility: "The researcher shall ensure that a full text version of all scientific articles is submitted to the institutional repository."

Researchers submit their articles in Cristin, with transfer to DUO research archive.

The Research Council of Norway

If your project is funded by the Research Council of Norway, the following regulations on Open Access apply:

cOAlition S (Plan S) and the Research Council of Norway

Articles where the research is funded with funding from the Research Council of Norway, must be published in open journals or published in an open research archive.
Hybrid publishing is permitted if a transitional agreement exists.

The Research Council of Norway states that the introduction of the requirements in Plan S applies to new applications from 2021.  

The requirement from the Research Council comes in collaboration with the research councils in a number of European countries, the European Commission and the European Research Council (ERC).

Three routes for being compliant with Plan S:


1. Open Access publishing venues (journals or platforms) 2. Subscription venues (repository route)

3. Transition of subscription venues (transformative arrangements)

Route Authors publish in an Open Access journal or on an Open Access platform. Authors publish in a subscription journal and make either the final published version (Version of Record (VoR)) or the Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM) openly available in a repository. Authors publish Open Access in a subscription journal under a transformative arrangement.

For any chosen route to compliance, the publication must be openly available immediately with a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY) unless an exception has been agreed by the funder.

Read more:

Plan S: Principles and implementation (Coalition S)

cOAlition S. Making Open Access a reality by 2020 (Science Europe)

The EU

If your project is funded by the EU, the following regulations on Open Access apply:

  • A machine readable copy of a published article, or the latest peer reviewed manuscript (postprint) must be deposited in a repository like DUO research archive at UiO. This must be done as soon as possible, and at the latest upon publication.

    • Please note that this step applies even when open access publishing is chosen ("gold" in Open Access or hybrid journal).

  • After depositing your publication, you must ensure Open Access via the chosen repository, and if possible, also with underlying research data. Maximum embargo period is 6 months for articles in STM journals, and 12 months in journals for social sciences and humanities.

    • Bibliographic data must be available immediately to ensure that a publication is searchable and retrievable in the repository.

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