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Upload articles in Cristin

You can upload articles, book chapters, books, PhD theses and reports in Cristin. The files are transferred to DUO Research Archive where the DUO-group at the University Library will check publisher self-archiving policies, before making the article available in DUO.


The instructions below apply to the old version of Cristin. We also have instructions for uploading articles in the new version of Cristin.

Uploading the article

  • You need to be logged on with your UiO username and password.
  • The article needs to be registered in Cristin, either manually by you or automatically registered by Cristin.  You can read more on registering in Cristin on the 'UiO For employees' pages.

Cristin screenshot

  • Press the "Deliver full-text document" button.

Cristin screenshot

  • Indicate the article version you are uploading.
  • Press Continue to proceed to uploading.

Cristin screenshot

  • Browse to find the file on your computer and upload (Last opp).

  • You will see a confirmation after uploading and the file has been successfully saved.
  • The file is now transferred to DUO Research Archive. The article is only available in DUO after the self-archiving rights are checked with the publisher.
  • You can upload more files for the same article if you want to, for example the publishing agreement or supplementary files.
  • Press Finish when you have uploaded all files.

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