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Publishing agreement templates

Retain the right to self-archive

To fulfill the activity duty, the University of Oslo has prepared standard templates which authors can use to clarify the right to self-archive, and to make the article accessible after publishing in DUO. An agreement with the publisher is made after the article has been accepted by the publisher. When the publishing contract is signed, the author must ensure that he/she retains the right to self-archive. Several publishers already give the author self-archiving rights in their standard contract. If the publisher's contract does not give the author the right to self-archive, the following templates can be used.


English version:

Cover letter to the publisher/journal (dotx) (English)

Addendum (dotx) (English)

You can also use the service "SPARC author addendum" (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition) for English contracts. Complete the web form, and it generates a printable addendum to your publishing agreement.


Norwegian version:

Cover letter to the publisher/journal (dotx) (Norwegian bokmål)

Addendum (dotx) (Norwegianl bokmål)

If the publishing contract has already been signed

If you have already signed a contract with a publisher, you can still ask for permission to self-archive. DUO can contact the publisher on your behalf, but it is even better if the author contacts the publisher independently. It is important to specify which version of the article you wish to self-archive (preprint / postprint).

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