J. Computer applications

J. Computer applications

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J.0 - Computer applications - General

J.1, J.1.0 - Administrative data processing
Business; Education; Financial (e.g. EFTS); Government; Law; Manufacturing; Marketing; Military;

J.2, J.2.0 - Physical sciences and engineering
Aerospace; Astronomy; Chemistry; Earth and atmospheric sciences; Electronics; Engineering; Mathematics and statistics; Physics; Archaeology;

J.3, J.3.0 - Life and medical sciences
Biology and genetics; Health; Medical information systems;

J.3.1 - Bioinformatics

J.4, J.4.0 - Social and behavioral sciences
Economics; Psychology; Sociology;

J.5, J.5.0 - Arts and humanities
Arts, fine and performing; Language translation; Linguistics; Literature; Music; Architecture; Fine arts; Performing arts

J.6, J.6.0 - Computer-aided engineering
Computer-aided design (CAD); Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

J.7, J.7.0 - Computers in other systems
Command and control; Consumer products; Industrial control; Military; Process controll; Publishing; Real time;

J.m - Computer applications - Miscellaneous



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