K. Computing milieux

K. Computing milieux : hovedinndeling

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  • K.0 - Computing milieux - General
  • K.1 - The computer industry
  • K.2 - History of computing
  • K.3 - Computers and education
  • K.4 - Computers and society
  • K.5 - Legal aspects of computing
  • K.6 - Management of computing and information systems
  • K.7 - The computing profession
  • K.8 - Personal computing
  • K.m - Computing milieux - Miscellaneous

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K.0 - Computing milieux - General

K.1, K.1.0 - The computer industry
Markets; Standards; Statistics; Suppliers;

K.2, K.2.0 - History of computing
Hardware; People; Software; Systems; Theory;

K.3 - Computers and education

K.3.0 - Computers and education - General

K.3.1 - Computer uses in education
Computer-assisted instruction; Computer-managed instruction; Distance education; Collaborative learning;

K.3.2 - Computer and information science education
Computer science education; Curriculum; Information systems education; Self-assessment; Accreditation; Literacy;

K.3.m - Computers and education - Miscellaneous
Accreditation; Computer literacy;

K.4 - Computers and society

K.4.0 - Computers and society - General

K.4.1 - Public policy issues
Human safety; Privacy; Regulation; Transborder data flow; Abuse and crime involving computers; Computer-related helath issues; Ethics; Intellectual property rights; Use/abus of power;

K.4.2 - Social issues
Abuse and crime involving computers; Employment; Handicapped persons/special needs; Assistive technologies for persons with disabilities;

K.4.3 - Organizational impacts
Automation; Computer-supported collaborative work; Employment; Reengineering;

K.4.4 - Electronic commerce
Cybercash; Distributed commercial transactions; Electronic data interchange; Intellectual property; Payment schemes; Security;

K.4.m - Computers and society - Miscellaneous

K.5 - Legal aspects of computing

K.5.0 - Legal aspects of computing - General

K.5.1 - Hardware/software protection
Copyrights; Patents; Proprietary rights; Trade secrets; Licensing;

K.5.2 - Governmental issues
Regulation; Taxation; Censorship;

K.5.m - Legal aspects of computing - Miscellaneous
Contracts; Hardware patents;

K.6 - Management of computing and information systems

K.6.0 - Management of computing and information systems - General

K.6.1 - Project and people management
Life cycle; Management techniques (e.g. PERT/CPM); Staffing; Systems analysis and design; Systems development; Training; Strategic information systems planning; ; ;

K.6.2 - Installation management
Benchmarks; Computer selection; Computing equipment management; Performance and usage measurement; Pricing and resource allocation;

K.6.3 - Software management
Software development; Software maintenance; Software selection; Software process;

K.6.4 - System management
Centralization/decentralization; Management audit; Quality assurance;

K.6.5 - Security and protection
Authentication; Insurance; Invasive software (e.g. viruses, worms, Trojan horses); Physical security; Unauthorized acces;

K.6.6 - Entrepreneurship, innovation

K.6.m - Management of computing and information systems - Miscellaneous
Insurance; Security;

K.7 - The computing profession

K.7.0 - The computing profession - General

K.7.1 - Occupations

K.7.2 - Organizations

K.7.3 - Testing, certification, and licensing

K.7.4 - Professional ethics
Codes of ethics; Codes of good practice; Ethical dilemmas;

K.7.m - The computing profession - Miscellaneous
Codes of good practice; Ethics;

K.8 - Personal computing

K.8.0 - Personal computing - General
Games; ;

K.8.1 - Application packages
Data communications; Database processing; Graphics; Spreadsheets; Word processing; Freeware/shareware;

K.8.2 - Hardware

K.8.3 - Management/maintenance

K.8.m - Miscellaneous

K.m - Computing milieux - Miscellaneous
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