Memories in motion

Transnational and migratory perspectives in memory processes - 2018 International Congress

Datum: 04 juni 2018 00:00 - 05 juni 2018 23:59 Plats: Södra Huset, hus C, Campus Frescati

The international congress Memories in motion: transnational and migratory perspectives in memory processes seeks to explore the ways in which several contemporary cultures face their violent or colonial past through the production of all types of cultural products. Memory plays a fundamental role in this regard, since its high degree of reflexivity leads to the encounter with the past and provides interpretations of events that can facilitate processes of recognition, justice or reconciliation. Moreover, the congress also focuses on the relation between memory and migratory processes in the configuration of local memories, especially in countries with high reception of immigration. On this occasion, we wish to establish a dialogue with memory discourses in different Romance languages and cultural contexts. The congress is the third organized by Red Internacional de Investigación y Aprendizaje “Memoria y Narración”.

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