GEO-onsdag: How Big is Your Bang?

Dougal Alexander Jerram, researcher at Section for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, will give the talk How Big is Your Bang? - Adventures and Outreach in the Earth Sciences from China to the Caledonian Mountains.

Bildet kan inneholde: fjellklatring, fjellrike landformer, eventyr, fjell, hjelm.

Earth Science is a fascinating subject and can attract a wide audience when presented in an accessible way. This talk will outline some of Dougal's experiences as 'Dr Volcano', in terms of writing books, appearing in documentaries and news interviews promoting research. His examples include recent filming in China with Discovery Channel, his latest books and an outreach project with CEED on the formation of the Caledonian Mountains.

Read more about Dougal here:

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En gang i måneden vil forskere i geofag ved UiO fortelle om sin forskning og introdusere geofagene til et vidt publikum, fra førsteårs bachelor-studenter til nysgjerrige kolleger på universitetet, i en hyggelig atmosfære på Realfagsbiblioteket. Det er mulig å stille spørsmål etter foredraget.

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