Climate emergency: the role of law in CCS deployment

“Outside the boCCS”-seminar series

Climate emergency: the role of law in CCS deployment: Regulatory incentives to enable carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Norway and Europe.

Legal rules are as important as economic factors and technical solutions for the deployment of CCS technologies in solving the climate emergency. The legal framework may put constraints on the development of a CCS project, but it can also boost it by providing essential support and foreseeability, with the ultimate objective of achieving safe CCS operations contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. A sound, transparent and adapted regulatory framework not only provides legal certainty, but preserves interests from various stakeholders, including governments, investors, project developers and citizens.

During this seminar, legal experts will cover specific legal issues that CCS projects face at the moment, with a particular focus on Norway. Coming from the public and private sector, NGOs and academia, they will discuss a wide range of legal and regulatory issues related to Norway’s full scale project, the cross-border transport of CO2 for storage, the Northern Lights project, the financing of and the liability regime for CO2 operations.


09:30 Registration and tea/coffee
10:00: Introduction by Ingrid Anell (UiO, Geology Department) and Ass. Prof. Catherine Banet (UiO, Faculty of Law)
10:05 - “The Norwegian full scale project and the latest developments under the London Protocol.”
Sofie Fogstad Vold and/or Cathrine L. Riseng Lyster, Advisors, Climate Industry and Technology Department, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway
10:30 – “The Northern Lights project and related legal issues”
Heidi Seglem, Legal Counsel, Equinor
10:50 - “New business models for CCS in Norway”
Camilla Svendsen Skriung, Advisor, Zero Emission Resource Organisation
11:10 – Specific regulatory issues: short presentations by UiO-staff, Faculty of Law:
- Viktor Weber: “The liability aspects of CCS - storage and shipping”
- Heidi Sydnes Egeland: “CCS under the EU ETS: legal consequences of different methods for transporting CO2”
- Johannes Dalen Giske: “Incentivising low carbon products under public procurement rules”
- Catherine Banet: “Public support to CCS activities under EU state aid rules”
11:35 – Panel discussion with presenters
12:00 – End of seminar

The event will be streamed live

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