GEO-Wednesday: The Depths of Ignorance (Digital only)

This month Carmen Gaina from CEED wil talk at GEO-Wednesday. The event will be live streamed only.

Image contains: Satellite image of ocean

Two thirds of our planet is covered by water, yet 70% of Earth’s seafloor is poorly mapped. The longest mountain chain is dissecting the oceans along 65.000 km and millions of seamounts litter the oceanic basins. What do we know about this abyssal world? Ocean exploration tools have been considerably improved in the past decades, yet our understanding about the morphology, the dynamics and importance of seafloor processes for Earth System is rather basic. This talk will present advances in ocean basin exploration, but mostly the knowledge gap that needs to be addressed in the next decades regarding global oceans.

Carmen Gaina is a Professor in Marine Geosciences at the UiO Department of Geosciences and the director of the Center for Earth Evolution and Dynamics – a Norwegian center of excellence. She participated in several international research cruises in the Arctic, Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans and is interested to unravel the geological history of global oceanic basins for understanding the links between solid Earth, oceans, biosphere and climate through time.

The event will be live streamed

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