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UB anbefaler skeiv litteratur

Universitetsbibliotekets samlinger inneholder mye skeiv litteratur, her presenterer vi noen bøker knyttet til LHBTQ-tematikk, kjønn og seksualitet. 

Bildet kan inneholde: bok, utgivelse.

Bøkene er valgt ut av UBs fagansvarlige bibliotekarer, og er sortert etter våre fire hovedbibliotek. UBs samlinger inneholder mye mer, søk i Oria eller snakk med oss i bibliotekene.


Naturens mangfold 

Homosexual behaviour in animals : an evolutionary perspective
Volker Sommer, Paul L. Vasey (eds) 2006

Mating males : an evolutionary perspective on mammalian reproduction
Timothy D. Glover 2012

Mother nature : a history of mothers, infants, and natural selection
Sarah Blaffer Hrdy 1999

The evolution of parental care
T.H. Clutton-Brock 1991

Odd couples : extraordinary differences between the sexes in the animal kingdom
Daphne J. Fairbairn 2013

Odd couples : a history of gay marriage in Scandinavia 
Jens. Rydström 2011

The extra-pair mating system of three socially monogamous passerines
Christin Krokene 1999

Monogamy : mating strategies and partnerships in birds, humans and other mammals
Ulrich H Reichard, Christophe Boesch (eds) 2003

Evolution of nuptial gifts in bushcrickets
Nina Wedell 1993

Sexual selection
James L. Gould 1989

Fish reproduction : strategies and tactics
G. W Potts, R. J Wootton (eds) 1984

Sex, evolution, and behavior
Martin Daly 1983

The physiology of insect reproduction
Franz Engelmann 1970

Like a virgin : how science is redesigning the rules of sex
Aarathi Prasad 2012

Mating systems and strategies
Stephen M. Shuster, Michael J. Wade 2003

Female control : sexual selection by cryptic female choice
William G. Eberhard 1996

Sexual selection in primates : new and comparative perspectives
Peter M. Kappeler, Carel P. van Schaik (eds) 2004

Primate males : causes and consequences of variation in group composition
Peter M. Kappeler (ed) 2000

Chemistry of love and sex
Madalena M. M. Pinto 2012

Partnerships in birds : the study of monogamy
Jeffrey M. Black (ed) 1996

Evolution's rainbow : diversity, gender, and sexuality in nature and people
Joan Roughgarden 2004

Dr. Tatiana's sex advice to all creation
Olivia Judson 2002

The courtship of animals
W. P. Pycraft 1914 

Heterotypical behaviour in man and animals
M. Haug, P. F. Brain and C. Aron (eds) 1991

The cleft
Doris Lessing 2007

Sex energy : the sexual force in man and animals
Robert S. De Ropp 1970

Females of the species : sex and survival in the animal kingdom
Bettyann Kevles 1986

Cuckoos, cowbirds and other cheats
N.B. Davies 2000

Sex on six legs : lessons on life, love, and language from the insect world
Marlene Zuk 2011

Reproduction of amphibians
Maria Ogielska (ed) 2009

Crustacean sexual biology
Raymond T Bauer, Joel W Martin (eds) 1991

Science-fiction og film

The left hand of darkness
Ursula K. Le Guin 1976

The imitation game

Juridisk bibliotek

Kriminologi og rettssosiologi

Norsk homoforskning
Marianne C. Brantsæter (red.) 2001

Handbook of lesbian &  gay studies
Diane Richardson, Steven Seidman 2002 E-bok

Medisinsk bibliotek

The book of pride : LGBTQ heroes who changed the world
Mason Funk (2019)

The pride guide : a guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ youth
Jo Langford (2018)

LGBTQ clients in therapy : clinical issues and treatment strategies
Joe Kort (2018)

LGBTQ cultures : what health care professionals need to know about sexual and gender diversity
Eliason, Michele J (2018)

A recent history of lesbian and gay psychology : from homophobia to LGBT
Hegarty, Peter (2018)

Denne boka er homo
Dawson, J., Gerrell, S., & Nordseth, L. (2017)

Homo : For deg som er, lurer på om du er eller har lyst til å bli homo : Eller for deg som bare lurer på hvordan disse homogreiene funker
Trettebergstuen, A., & Nylund, B. (2017)

Reproduksjon, kjønn og likestilling i dagens Norge
Ravn, Kristensen, Sørensen, Ravn, Malin Noem, Kristensen, Guro Korsnes, & Sørensen, Siri Øyslebø (2016). 

De usynlige kjønn
Arntzen, M., & Kahrs, K. (2013)

The Health of sexual minorities : Public health perspectives on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations
Meyer, I., & Northridge, M. (2007) E-bok

The transgender phenomenon
Ekins, R., & King, D. (2006)

Lesbiske og homofile i møte med helse- og sosialtenesta
Malterud, K., & Ohnstad, A. (2006)


Nordisk språk og litteratur

Mellom linjene: homofile tema i norsk litteratur
Jan Olav Gatland

Opp alle jordens homofile
Gerd Brantenberg
Klassiker fra 70-tallet

Villskudd: sangen til Jens
Gudmund Vindland
Klassiker fra 70-tallet

Lukas Moodysson's Show me love (filmanalyse)
Anna W. Stenport 
Moderne trender

Enkle atonale stykker for barn
Dag Johan Haugerud
Moderne trender

Heidi Sævareid
Nominert til Brageprisen og Sørlandets litteraturpris 2016


Eminent Outlaws: the Gay Writes who Changed America
Christopher Bram, 2012

The Routledge Queer Studies Reader
Routledge, 2013
Boken gir en grei oversikt over forskningsfeltet.

The Gay Revolution: the Story of the Struggle
Lillian Faderman, 2015

Queer in Translation
Routledge, 2017


Contact moments : the politics of intercultural desire in Japanese male-queer cultures
Katsuhiko Suganuma, 2012

Queer Japanese : gender and sexual identities through linguistic practices
Hideko Abe, 2010

Cartographies of desire : male-male sexuality in Japanese discourse, 1600-1950
Gregory, M. Pflugfelder, 2007

Emerging lesbian voices from Japan
Sharon Chalmers, 2002

Queer Japan : personal stories of Japanese lesbians, gays, transsexuals, and bisexuals
cop. 1998

たたかう LGBT & アート ; Tatakau erujībītī ando āto : dōsei pātonāshippu kara heito supīchi made jinken to hyōgen o kangaeru tame ni (Fighting LGTB & art), 2016

Øvrige Asia 

"Lesbians" in East Asia: diversity, identities, and resistance
Diana Khor, Saori Kamano, 2006
Boken omhandler ulike aspekter ved lesbiskes liv i Kina, Sør-Korea og Japan: familieliv, konflikt mellom lesbiske og feminister, identitet, rettighetsbevegelse etc.

Gay Bombay: globalization, love and (be)longing in contemporary India
Parmesh Shahani, 2008
Boken tar opp hvordan homofil identitet i blir formet i nåtidens urbane India.

Criminal love? : queer theory, culture, and politics in India
R. Raj Rao 1955-,  2017
Teori versus virkelighet ved å leve som homoseksuell I India

Queer Politics in India: Towards Sexual Subaltern Subjects 
Shraddha Chatterjee, 2018
Boken forteller to historier fra India, flettet inn i hverandre; den om de homoseksuelles kamp for likhet og den om et lesbisk selvmord. 

AsiaPacifiQueer : rethinking genders and sexualities
Edited by Fran Martin ... [et al.], 2008
Tverrfaglig bok om lokal sexkultur i Asia

First Queer Voices from Thailand Uncle Go’s Advice Columns for Gays, Lesbians and Kathoeys
Peter A. Jackson, Hong Kong University Press, 2016
Boken omhandler korrespondanse fra homoseksuelle, lesbiske og transseksuelle i spalten ‘Uncle Go’s Advice’ i et liberalt thailandsk magasin fra 1970-tallet.

Mobile cultures : new media in queer Asia
Chris Berry 1959-; Fran Martin 1971-; Audrey Yue;   c2003
Boken omhandler sammenhengen mellom ny medieteknologi, globaliseringen av seksuell kultur og homoseksualitet i Asia.


Counseling LGBTI Clients
Kevin G. Alderson, 2013
A practical, easy-to-read guide for emerging and current practitioners, as well as LGBTI individuals, combines theory, research and practice to help readers become effective counselors.

Handbook of psychology and sexual orientation
Edited by Anthony R. D'Augelli & Charlotte Patterson, 2013
Leading experts in this field reviews contemporary psychological research and theory on sexual orientation.

Handbook of sexual orientation and gender diversity in counseling and psychotherapy
Edited by Kurt A. DeBord, Ann R. Fischer, Kathleen J. Bieschke and Ruperto M. Perez, 2016
Explore the challenges faced by sexual minority (SM) and transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) clients today. Experts in the field examine how the concepts of gender and sexual orientation are both socioculturally constructed and can be informed by biologically focused research, thus setting the stage for flexible, affirmative mental health services.

Teaching LGBTQ psychology: Queering innovative pedagogy and practice
Theodore R Burnes & Jeanne L Stanley, 2017
This book is a theoretical and practical guide for individuals who teach and train about LGBTQ psychology in diverse groups and settings. Each chapter approaches sexual and gender diversity from a resilience, wellness-focused framework, with the overall goal of furthering social justice for LGBTQ individuals.

Microaggressions and traumatic stress: Theory, research, and clinical treatment

Nadal, Kevin L (2018)
Challenging current definitions of trauma, this brief but comprehensive volume features significant new research and case studies looking at how regular exposure to subtle social discrimination in the form of microaggressions can, over time, elicit similar symptoms to severe trauma.

New directions in identity theory and research

Jan E Stets; Richard T Serpe (2016).
Kapittel 16: "Social movements and the construction of queer identity". 
Shaeleya D. Miller, Verta Taylor, Leila J. Rupp
The use of “queer” as a group identity among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activists encompasses a multiplicity of sexual practices and identities. However, there has been virtually no empirical research on queer as a person identity or on how individuals come to identify as queer. This chapter analyzes “queer” as a group and person identity constructed within the context of social movement organizing. 

Affirmative Counseling With LGBTQI+ People

Misty M. Ginicola, Cheri Smith, Joel M. Filmore (Editors) (2017) 
This current and comprehensive handbook will guide educators, students, and clinicians in developing the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to work effectively with LGBTQI+ populations. Twenty-five chapters written by experts in the field provide direction for working with clients in an authentic, ethical, and affirmative manner that is tailored to their individual strengths, needs, and identity.

LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence Lessons for Policy, Practice, and Research

Adam M Messinger (2017).
Nationally representative studies confirm that LGBTQ individuals are at an elevated risk of experiencing intimate partner violence. While many similarities exist between LGBTQ and heterosexual intimate partner violence, research has illuminated a variety of unique aspects of LGBTQ intimate partner violence regarding the predictors of perpetration, the specific forms of abuse experienced, barriers to help-seeking for victims, and policy and intervention needs. This is the first book that systematically reviews the literature regarding LGBTQ intimate partner violence, draws key lessons for current practice and policy, and recommends research areas and enhanced methodologies. 

LGBT Psychology and Mental Health : Emerging Research and Advances
Richard Ruth Ph.D., Erik Santacruz Ed.D. (Editor) (2017) 
LGBT Psychology and Mental Health: Emerging Research and Advances brings together concise, substantive reviews of what is new or on the horizon in science and in key areas of clinical practice. It will equip professionals at institutions with mental health programs that deal with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues with information and insight to help psychologists, mental health clinicians, and counselors better serve the LGBT populations that, increasingly, are seeking their services.

Working with transgender young people and their families : a critical developmental approach
Damien W. Riggs (2019). Tilgjengelig online.

Gender and Sexual Identity : Transcending Feminist and Queer Theory
Julie L. Nagoshi, Craig T. Nagoshi og Stephan/ie Brzuzy (2014). 

Men Trapped in Men's Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism
Anne A. Lawrence (2013). 

Gender, sex, and sexualities : psychological perspectives
Nancy Kimberly Dess (ed),Jeanne Marecek (ed), Leslie C. Bell (ed) (2018). 

A reflective guide to gender identity counselling
Madison-Amy Webb (2019).

Theorizing transgender identity for clinical practice : a new model for understanding gender
S.J. Langer (2019).

LGBTQ clients in therapy : clinical issues and treatment strategies
Joe Kort (2018).

Transformations : Women, gender, and psychology
Mary Crawford (2018).

Reproductive Losses : Challenges to LGBTQ Family-Making (Gender and Sexualities in Psychology)
Christa Craven (2019).

LGBTQ Mental Health : International Perspectives and Experiences
Dr. Nadine Nakamura og Dr. Carmen H. Logie (2019). 

Headcase : LGBTQ writers and artists on mental health and wellness
Stephanie Schroeder (2019).

Sosialantropologi, sosiologi og tverrfaglig kjønnsforskning

Global encyclopedia of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) history 
Howard Chiang (redaktør), Ajnali Arondekar (redaktør) (2019)


Gender and queer perspectives on Brexit
Moira Dustin, Nuno Ferreira, Susan Millns, editors (2019)

The Gay Archipelago : Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia
Tom. Boellstorff, 2005
“The Gay Archipelago is the first book-length exploration of the lives of gay men in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation and home to more Muslims than any other country. Based on a range of field methods, it explores how Indonesian gay and lesbian identities are shaped by nationalism and globalization. Yet the case of gay and lesbian Indonesians also compels us to ask more fundamental questions about how we decide when two things are ""the same"" or ""different.”

Kjærlighetskarusellen : eldre homoseksuelle menns livsfortellinger og livsløp i Norge 
Hans W. Kristiansen. Doktoravhandling, UiO.

Inclusive masculinity : The changing nature of masculinities
Anderson, E. (2009).

The Hirschfeld archives : Violence, death, and modern queer culture (Sexuality studies).
Bauer, H. (2017).

Gender outlaws : The next generation
Bornstein, K., & Bergman, S. (2010).

Queer methods and methodologies : Intersecting queer theories and social science research. 
Browne, K., & Nash, C. (2016).

"For I am wonderfully made" : Texts on Eastern Orthodoxy and LGBT inclusion. 
Cherniak, M., Gerassimenko, O., & Brinkschröder, M. (2016).

Man-Made Woman: the dialectics of cross-dressing 
Cremin, C. (2017).

Debates in transgender, queer, and feminist theory : Contested sites (Queer interventions).
Elliot, P. (2010).

Transfeminist perspectives in and beyond transgender and gender studies
Enke, A. (2012).

Seeking rights from the left : Gender, sexuality, and the Latin American pink tide.
Friedman, E. (2019).

The transgender phenomenon.
Ekins, R., & King, D. (2006).

Mad for Foucault : Rethinking the foundations of queer theory (Gender and culture).
Huffer, L. (2010).

L-ordet : Vart tog alla lesbiska vägen?
Rosenberg, T. (2006).

Black Masculinity and Hip-Hop Music : Black Gay Men Who Rap
Li, X. (2019).

Masculinities without men? : Female masculinity in twentieth-century fictions (Sexuality studies series).
Noble, J. (2004).

Feminism is queer : The intimate connection between queer and feminist theory. 
Marinucci, M. (2010).

LGBTQ intimate partner violence : Lessons for policy, practice, and research.
Messinger, A. (2017).

Masculinities in the making : From the local to the global.
Messerschmidt, J. (2016).

Reader's guide to lesbian and gay studies.
Murphy, T. (2000).

For the love of women : Gender, identity and same-sex relations in a Greek provincial town.
Kirtsoglou, E. (2004).

Queer futures : Reconsidering ethics, activism, and the political (Queer interventions).
Haschemi Yekani, E., Kilian, E., & Michaelis, B. (2016).

Lgbtq : The survival guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens
Huegel Madrone, K. (2018).

Routledge international encyclopedia of queer culture.
Gerstner, D. (2006).

Transgender voices : Beyond women and men.
Girshick, L. (2008).

Anthropological explorations in queer theory (Queer interventions).
Graham, M. (2014).

Ett transfeministiskt manifest.
Ramnehill, M. (2016).

Masculinities in theory : An introduction.
Reeser, T. (2010).

Intersections between feminist and queer theory.
Richardson, D., McLaughlin, J., & Casey, M. (2006).

Queerfeministisk agenda
Rosenberg, T. (2002).

Trans/forming feminisms : Trans/feminist voices speak out = Transforming feminisms
Scott-Dixon, K. (2006).

Lesbian and gay studies : An introductory, interdisciplinary approach.
Sandfort, T. (2000).

Whipping girl : A transsexual woman on sexism and the scapegoating of femininity.
Serano, J. (2007).

The Transgender studies reader.
Whittle, S., & Stryker, S. (2006).


Investing in a Research Revolution for LGBTI Inclusion
World Bank UNDP, 2016
Denne forskningsrapporten fra Verdensbanken trekker fram behovet for informasjon og data som grunnlag for forskning på befolkningene innen LGBTI slik at man kan inkludere dem bedre i Verdensbankens agenda for menneskerettigheter og utvikling.

The Economics of Discrimination
Becker, G. S., 1971
Økonomen og sosiologen Gary S. Becker som fikk Nobels minnepris i samfunnsøkonomi 1992 viste at diskriminering av hvilken som helst gruppe i et marked reduserer inntekten til dem som diskriminerer såvel som de som blir diskriminert.

Do Equal Rights for a Minority Affect General Life Satisfaction?
Berggren, N., Bjørnskov, C., & Nilsson, T. (2017 Journal of Happiness Studies, 1–19.)
Denne studien viser at velferdstapet ved juridisk likebehandling av LGBT-grupper er lite eller ikke-eksisterende, mens velferdsgevinsten er høy.

Handbook on the Economics of Discrimination
Rodgers III, W. M.  (Red.), 2006
Denne boken oppsummerer de viktigste metodiske og teoretiske bidragene innen økonomisk forskning på diskriminering.

Crossing: A Memoir
Deirdre N. McCloskey (1999)
Deirdre McCloskey, en av verdens fremste samfunnsøkonomer, forteller i sine memoarer om hennes vei over kjønnslinjene, fra Donald til Deirdre.


The Geography of Perversion: Male-To-Male Sexual Behavior Outside the West and the Ethnographic Imagination, 1750-1918
Bleys, R. C. (1995)
Denne studien viser hvordan seksuelle identiteter har blitt formet av kulturkontakt som følge av globaliseringen de siste hundreårene.

Sexualities. I International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment and Technology 
Lewis, N. M. (2016). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  
Leksikonartikkel om geografisk forskning på seksualitet. For eksempel hvordan seksualitet blir formet av steder og hvordan stedene formes av seksuelle normer og reguleringer.

Geographies of Sexualities: Theory, Practices and Politics. 
Lim, J. (2009).  (K. Browne, Red.) (Pap/Ele edition). Farnham: Routledge.
Denne boka gir et tverrfaglig og internasjonalt overblikk over den geografiske forskningen på seksualitet.

Skeivt ut: reiser i homofobiens land
Hagesæther, Pål Vegard (2017)
Journalist og sosiolog Pål Vegard Hagesæther besøker Russland, India, Uganda, Iran, Tyrkia og Jamaica for å få innsikt i situasjonen i landene, der kampen for homofiles levekår og rettigheter har gått den gale veien.

The Sexual History of the Global South
Saskia Wieringa and Horacio Sivori (ed) (2013)


Media, gender and identity : an introduction
David Gauntlett, 2008
Mediene og populærkulturen presenterer hele tiden fortellinger om hva det vil si å være kvinne og mann. Hvordan påvirker disse mediefortellingene menneskers identitet? Boka ser nærmere på samspillet mellom kjønnsidentitet og medier.

LGBT transnational identity and the media
Christopher Pullen, 2012
Boka tar utgangspunkt i forestillingen om en transnasjonal LHBTQ-identitet og medienes viktige rolle. De ulike artiklene i antologien tar for seg seksuell identitet formidlet og uttrykt gjennom blant annet film og fjernsyn.

Queer masculinities in Latin American cinema : male bodies and narrative representations
Gustavo Subero, 2014
Boka tar for seg den latinamerikanske queerfilmen fra 1970-tallet og fram til i dag, og diskuterer samtidig mannlig homoseksualitet i ulike latinamerikanske land.

Queer cinema, the film reader
Harry Benshoff; Sean Griffin, 2004
Skeiv film, queer film. Ser på forholdet mellom film og seksualitet, i lys av filmindustrien, samfunnet generelt og den historisk utviklingen.


After sex? : on writing since queer theory
Janet E. Halley; Andrew Parker, 2010
Queerteoriens historie, potensiale og begrensninger.

The Cambridge companion to gay and lesbian writing
Hugh Stevens, 2011
Håndbok som presenterer LHBTQ-litteraturen, både kritiske temaer og ulike forfattere.

Queer Gothic
George E. Haggerty, 2006
Argumenterer for at gotiske romaner på 1700- og 1800-tallet var med på å forme alternativ tenkning  rundt seksuelle problemstillinger, og leser de klassiske romanene i lys av queerteori. Analyserer også vår tids gotiske romaner.


Painting the Difference. Sex and Spectator in Modern Art
Charles Harrison, 2005
Boken kommer med alternative måter å tolke fremstillinger av kvinner i malerkunsten.

Art & queer culture
Catherine Lord & Richard Meyer, 2013
Boken inneholder to grundige essays om homoseksualitet i kunsten. Den trekker linjen tilbake fra 1850-tallet og fram til vår tid.

Art and homosexuality : a history of ideas
Christopher Reed, 2011
Boken trekker de store linjene om homoseksualitet i kunsten fra antikken til nåtiden.

Queer : Documents of contemporary art
David J. Getsy (ed.), 2016
Boken har et videre perspektiv enn kunst og homoseksualitet. Her brukes queer-teori for å belyse flere norm-overstigende forhold innen kunst, kultur og seksualitet

Queer British art (1867-1967)
Tate Publishing, 2017
Boken er en katalog for en aktuell utstilling på Tate Gallery i London

Queer beauty : sexuality and aesthetics from Winckelmann to Freud and beyond
Whitney Davis, 2010
Boken har et freudiansk perspektiv på kunst og homoseksualitet

Gender and aesthetics : an introduction
Carolyn Korsmeyer, 2004
Boken er introduksjon til feministisk estetisk filosofi


De Sodoma a Chueca : una historia cultural de la homosexualidad en España en el siglo XX 
Alberto Mira, 2007

Homecoming queers : desire and difference in chicana latina cultural production
Marivel T. Danielson, 2009

Dentro/fuera: el espacio homosexual masculino en la poesía española del siglo XX
Enrique Álvarez, 2010

Queering Iberia: Iberian masculinities at the margins
Josep M. Armengol-Carrera (ed), 2012

Queer masculinities in Latin American cinema: male bodies and narrative representations
Gustavo Subero, 2014


Queer French: globalization, language, and sexual citizenship in France
Denis M. Provencher, 2007

La Question homosexuelle et transgenre
Christophe Broqua (ed), 2012


Queer Italia: same-sex desire in Italian literature and film
Gary P. Cestaro (ed.), 2004

Queer TV: omosessualità e trasgressione nella televisione italiana
Andrea Jelardi, Giordano Bassetti, 2006

Queer in Italia: differenze in movimiento
Marco Pustianaz (ed.), 2011


Queer/tongzhi China : new perspectives on research, activism and media culture
edited by Elisabeth L. Engebretsen and William F. Schroeder ; with Hongwei Bao, 2015

王小波,  似水柔情 (东宫西宫) Utgitt Hong Kong 1992, Kina 1994
Wang, Xiaobo, East palace, west palace (utg på engelsk i samlingen 'Wang in love and bondage, 2007)
En av de første moderne skjønnlitterære behandlinger av homofili i Kina.  Forteller historien om politimannen Xiao Shi som etter å ha arrestert homofile Ah Lan for usømmelig adferd i en av Beijings parker innleder et forhold til ham.  Ble filmatisert og ble i 1996 Kinas første spillefilm med eksplisitt  homofilt tema.

白先勇, 孽子 --- 1983
Pai, Hsien-yung, Crystal boys
Ansett som første moderne taiwanske roman med homofili som tema. Handler om Li Qing som blir kastet ut hjemmefra fordi han er homofil og hans opplevelser i det homofile miljøet i 60-tallets Taipei.

紀大偉 Chi, Ta-wei 同志文學史:台灣的發明 
A Queer Invention in Taiwan: A History of Tongzhi Literature, 2017
En litteraturhistorisk studie av skeiv litteratur på Taiwan, skrevet av Chi Ta-wei, førsteamanuensis i kjønnsstudier og komparativ litteratur ved National Chengchi University i Taipei. 


Magnus Hirschfeld und seine Zeit
Manfred Herzer (2017)
This book narrates the life and work of the Jewish social democrat and gay physician Magnus Hirschfeld (1868), who launched the world`s first emancipation movement for homosexuals at the end of the 19th century. Hirschfeld was a pioneer in the field of sexology, and opened the first Institute of Sexology in Berlin after the First World War.

Eldorado : homosexuelle Frauen und Männer in Berlin, 1850-1950 : Geschichte, Alltag und Kultur
Michael Bollé; Berlin Museum (1984)

Goodbye to Berlin? : 100 Jahre Schwulenbewegung : eine Ausstellung des Schwulen Museums und der Akademie der Künste, 17. Mai bis 17. August 1997
Manfred Baumgardt; Schwules Museum; Akademie der Künste (1997)

Homosexuelle Männer im KZ Sachsenhausen
Joachim Müller; Andreas Sternweiler; Schwules Museum (2000)

Skeivt arkiv

Vi anbefaler også Skeivt arkiv, som tar vare på, dokumenterer og formidler skeiv historie eller LHBT-historie. Skeivt arkiv er en del av Avdeling for spesialsamlinger ved Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen.

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