Yoga - What do the researchers say?

Through research presentations, a panel discussion and a yoga session we will get a broader knowledge of Yoga in this multidisciplinary seminar. The event is free and open to everybody! The whole event will be streamed and stored here!

About the event

What happens in your molecules and genes when you do yoga? Does yoga have any real effect on your health? What does anthropology contribute to the understanding of the globalization of yoga and how it is communicated to a western audience? What role do spontaneous thoughts play in yogic meditation? What is the essence of yoga as a practical philosophy? What areas have been scientifically explored and which ones need more research?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this multidisciplinary seminar at Scene HumSam. Do you have any questions about yoga and related research? Ask the very eminent panel of researchers of molecular biology, anthropoglogy, chinese, and philosophy, all of which are also practitioners of yoga.

After the research presentations and panel discussion, John Bentham will lead a yoga session so that participants can experience practically what they have learned in theory.


  • Yoga - a practical philosophy: Introduction to the philosophy behind yoga and meditation
    Karin Mæland, physician, author and graduate student in philosophy
  • Does yogic practice benefit you? A scientific perspective (with breathing exercise)
    Fahri Saatcioglu, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology
  • The wandering mind: yoga and spontaneous thoughts in theory and practice (with meditative exercises)
    Halvor Eifring, professor of Chinese and initiator in Acem School of Meditation
  • Yoga and globalization: More complex than you think
    Kathinka Frøystad, sosial anthropologist and professor of Modern South Asian studies
  • Tea break
  • Panel discussion and Q&A
  • Yoga for Humans - Easy Flow and Savasana (bring a mat if you have one)
    John Bentham, yoga instructor and founder of Eight Treasures Yoga


This event is free and open to everybody! Welcome!

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