HumSam presenterer: The adaptive challenge of climate change (Boklansering)

HumSam-biblioteket inviterer til lansering av boken The adaptive challenge of climate change med redaktørene Karen O'Brien og Elin Selboe. Boken er utgitt på Cambridge University Press. Arrangementet er åpent for alle. Velkommen!

Bokomslag fra forlagets side.


  • Innledning ved Karen O'Brien og Elin Selboe.
  • 3 kapittelpresentasjoner ved Grete Hovelsrud (Klimaforsker ved Universitetet i Nordland), Tor Håkon Inderberg (Senior Research Fellow ved Fridtjof Nansens institutt) og Berit Kristoffersen (postdoktor ved UiT).
  • Kommentarer ved Bente Herstad (fra NORAD) og Solrun Figenschau Skjellum (fra Miljødirektoratet).

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Om boken 

Fra forlagets side: 
This book presents a new perspective on adaptation to climate change. It considers climate change as more than a problem that can be addressed solely through technical expertise. Instead, it approaches climate change as an adaptive challenge that is fundamentally linked to beliefs, values and worldviews, as well as to power, politics, identities and interests. Drawing on case studies from high-income countries, the book argues that it is time to consider adaptation to climate change as a challenge of social, personal and political transformations. The authors represent a variety of fields and perspectives, illustrating the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to the problem. The book will be of interest to researchers, policy makers and advanced students in the environmental sciences, social sciences and humanities, as well as to decision makers and practitioners interested in new ideas about adapting to climate change.

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Om redaktørene

Karen O'Brien er professor ved Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi. Elin Selboe er postdoktor ved Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi. Les mer på forlagets side.


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