Sophus Bugges Salong: Is «Scream» a cliché?

Is Edvard Munch’s “Scream” a worn out cliché? Would you buy yourself a “Scream” t-shirt or rather a striped tote bag? Joanna Iranowska researched production of museum souvenirs in The Munch Museum.



The red and black stripes became the recurring pattern reproduced on tote bags, pencils, mugs and coffee cups, notebooks, tickets and museum friend’s association club cards etc.

How did it happen that museum went from promoting itself exclusively with iconic works such as “Scream”, “Madonna” or the “Sun” to branding itself with an abstract cut-out from one of the artist’s self-portraits?

Branding of an art museum is highly dependent on copying, transforming the mimetic structures, reframing and re-contextualising the artworks. The pattern on the souvenirs is not something given, but rather brought to life by the museum staff. It functions as a metonymic image and hybrid copy referring simultaneously to two originals. 

Joanna Iranowska is a museologist. She holds a PhD from the University of Oslo (2019).

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The talk will be held in English.

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Photo: Joanna Iranowska

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Publisert 30. sep. 2019 10:32 - Sist endret 30. sep. 2019 11:14