PhD candidates meet designers

What happens when a scientist meets a graphic designer? The result can be seen in 10 selected works from an exhibition by PhD candidates from the course MNKOM9000 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and students from Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology.

The ability to visualise research is an important asset in terms of communication, as well as helping to enable the practice of research itself. At what point are the finer points and insecurities surrounding research forfeited in favour of the desire to attract the masses towards something aesthetically pleasing?

Through a collaborative project between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Westerdals Oslo ACT, PhD candidates at the course MNKOM9000 and graphic design undergraduates have developed new ways of presenting methods and results. Through this process the PhD candidates have been tasked with engaging with society, meeting and discussing their work with designers, and striving to achieve a balance between detailed grey research graphs and abstract, beautiful and eye-catching design.

Publisert 5. juni 2015 10:25