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"Publish and read"-agreements with Elsevier and Wiley are in place

The negotiations with the two major publishing giants have resulted in new agreements following post-deal negotiations.

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A new three-year agreement has been entered into with Elsevier with somewhat improved terms. The new agreement provides increased room for manoeuvre for more open publishing. The agreement ensures researchers at UiO and OUS unlimited open publishing in the publisher's hybrid and gold journals. Open publishing in the Cell Press titles is also included for all participating institutions from 2022. Read access to around 2260 journals will be continued in the new agreement.
See news item from Sikt about the Elsevier agreement.


The negotiations with Wiley resulted in a one-year continuation of the agreement for 2019-2021, but without a price adjustment, and an increase in the publishing quota by 15% from 2021. This will most likely cover all publishing in both hybrid and gold journals in 2022. Read access has been upgraded to 'full 2022 collection'.

Due to post-deal negotiations, it has not been possible for researchers at UiO and OUS to publish openly with cost coverage through the agreement in the period 1 January - 20 February. Now that a new agreement is in place, articles that have been published closed during this period will be made open within the agreement. In cases where a publication fee (APC) has been paid, this will be refunded. Authors covered by this will be contacted by the University of Oslo Library.

More information about these agreements, and other agreements and discount schemes for open publishing, can be found here.


Questions about publishing through the agreements can be directed to

Questions about the negotiations can be directed to: Mathilde Skoie or Randi Halveg Iversby.


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