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Persons 76 - 100 of 231
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Heyler, Helen Antonsen Sekretær Library
Picture of Linn Katrine Hirsti Hirsti, Linn Katrine Head Librarian +47 41414766
Picture of Judith Møller Hjelmeseth Hjelmeseth, Judith Møller Secretary Library
Hoel, Ole Andreas Sekretær Library, Loan
Picture of Karoline Kornkveen Hoff Hoff, Karoline Kornkveen Spesialbibliotekar +47 22844236 Library
Picture of Karin Holmen Holmen, Karin Library
Holte, Ingrid Skurdal Secretary Library
Picture of Ole Martin Hagtvedt Holte Holte, Ole Martin Hagtvedt Sekretær Library
Picture of Wenche Holte Holte, Wenche Senior Librarian +47 22857164 Library
Picture of Berit Sonja Hougaard Hougaard, Berit Sonja Head Librarian +47 22855102 Library, Subject heading indexing, Acquisition, Humord
Hussain, Ittqa Secretary Library
Picture of Ane Husstad-Nedberg Husstad-Nedberg, Ane Academic Librarian +47 22859162 Library, Korea, East Asia, South Asia, Teaching
Høyås, Trine Secretary Library, Loan
Ibabao, Marianne Alme Sekretær Library, Loan
Picture of Marie Susanna Isachsen Isachsen, Marie Susanna Senior Librarian Library, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital
Picture of Jim Vidding Isaksen Isaksen, Jim Vidding Senior Executive Officer +47 22844840 Library, Sophus Bugge
Picture of Randi Halveg Iversby Iversby, Randi Halveg Assistant Library Director +47-90182818 Library, Administrative management
Iversen, Edel Camilla Hovedbibliotekar +47 22859782 Library, Journals
Picture of Jose Maria Izquierdo Izquierdo, Jose Maria Senior Academic Librarian +47 22854749 Library
Picture of Janne Jacobsen Jacobsen, Janne Head Librarian +47 22844450 Library
Picture of Sofie Johannessen Johannessen, Sofie Library
Johansen, Ruth Helene Senior Executive Officer +47 22859887 Library, Finance, Purchasing
Kalvik, Skjalg Tønnessen Library, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote, Rikshospitalet
Picture of Daniel Kalvø Kalvø, Daniel Adviser +47 22844263 +47 91599753 Library, DUO, FRITT, Open Access
Picture of Glenn Karlsen Karlsen, Glenn Head Librarian - On leave Library, Literature search, Information Literacy, EndNote, Interlibrary loans