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Open and reproducible research

Learn about how to make your research more open and reproducible and get involved in initiatives and communities that are interested in sharing and improving research at UiO.

More and more researchers and students across disciplines are implementing open research practices, preregistering their hypotheses, methods, and analysis plans and sharing research materials, data and analysis scripts. Digital Scholarship Center can help you learn about and implement these practices in your own research as well as advise on the policies and requirements from funders.

  • Open Science Lunch

    • Every last Thursday of the month we meet at noon to discuss topics related to open research.

  • ReproducibiliTea@UiO

    • Join us for a Journal Club where we read and discuss papers on open research and meta-science.

  • Norwegian Reproducibility Network

    • Join a broader community that aims to promote and enable rigorous, robust and transparent research practices in Norway

  • Courses and workshops
    • Click here for the list of upcoming and previous courses and workshops on open and reproducible research at UiO.