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Copyright and DUO

Addressed here are copyright issues relating to academic authorship (e.g. theses) and the use of contents from DUO.

Your copyright

You hold the copyright to your text, e.g. your thesis. You should manage these ownership rights as you please, but not relinquish your moral rights.

The Copyright Act (√Öndsverksloven) can be accessed at the Lovdata pages (in Norwegian).

The Copyright Act, translated, is available as a PDF file from

If your text has been published elsewhere and you have entered into an agreement to transfer the copyright to a publisher, you must obtain permission from that publisher before your thesis can be published in DUO. Contact DUO for help.

Copyright of others

Images and illustrations in digital theses

Digital publication of pictures/photographs (art) in theses are largely covered in an agreement between BONO (Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society) and UHR (The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions).

The agreement gives employees and students the right to use works of art in connection with teaching and research, e.g. theses and project papers, if the artist is registered in the BONO database. If an artist is not a part of the agreement and not available in the database, you  must contact the property owner yourself.

The agreement does not cover printed items for publication.


You must provide accurate information about the sources you have used in your work by referencing in your running text and in a list of works cited or a bibliography.
Suggestions and tools to help you in your writing and research

Plagiarism is prohibited

Plagiarism is to to pass off as one's own the thoughts or work of another. This is considered as cheating.
Information on cheating and repercussions of cheating on UiO's web pages.

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