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Why full text in DUO?

  • Your thesis will be stored in DUO, UiO's digital repository, and will always be available to you and others through a permanent url.
  • You hold the copyright to your thesis, while the University of Oslo is allowed to make it available in DUO.
  • DUO is indexed by Google and Google Scholar among others. 
  • DUO uses the international standard OAI (Open Archives Initiative) for the exchange of metadata, and your thesis is retrievable by national and international information services.
  • Online publishing is marketing of you as a person to the outside world, such as potential employers - use it!
  • Are you looking at other theses while you are writing your own? Others would like to see yours too!

It is mandatory to submit theses to DUO. For the students at the Medical Doctor Degree it is also mandatory to submit project papers. An electronic version should always be submitted to DUO, even if you don't want your thesis to be available in full text, or if your thesis has restricted access.

You should also check the web pages at your faculty / department / program for additional information about submitting to DUO.

In addition to submitting the full text of the thesis to DUO, most students must hand in a printed version to their faculty / department. Please contact the student adviser at your department to find out whether you need to hand in a printed version.

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