Persons tagged with «Library»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Line Nybakk Akerholt Akerholt, Line Nybakk Head Librarian +47-22856522 +47-95880018 95880018 Library, Cataloguing
Al-Hellali, Forat Seifaddin Hussain Secretary Library
Picture of Merethe Alm Alm, Merethe Konsulent Library
Picture of Astrid Anderson Anderson, Astrid Section Manager +47-22857170 Library, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Social anthropology, EndNote
Picture of Sima Ansari Ansari, Sima Higher Executive Officer +47-22857161 Library, Loan
Picture of Yasar Ari Ari, Yasar Higher Executive Officer +47-93093717 Library, Mail and Postage
Picture of Marianne Arnesen Arnesen, Marianne Head Engineer Library, Local IT support
Asklund, Frøydis Lillemoen Spesialbibliotekar +47-22859882 Library, Interlibrary loans, E-journals, Journals
Picture of Gisela Attinger Attinger, Gisela Senior Academic Librarian +47-22844206 Library, Musicology, Cultural History
Picture of Federico Aurora Aurora, Federico Academic Librarian +47-22845533 Library, Greek, Latin, Italian, Lingusitics, Dialectology, Indo-European, Digital Humanities
Picture of Mads Baklien Baklien, Mads Senior Librarian +47-22858633 Library
Picture of Anne-Heidi Barli Barli, Anne-Heidi Sekretær Library
Picture of Stine Marie Barsjø Barsjø, Stine Marie Adviser +47-22844216 Library, DUO, Open Access
Picture of Sophie Charlotte Barth Barth, Sophie Charlotte Higher Executive Officer +47-22844232 Library
Bekken, Anne Gunn Berge Hovedbibliotekar +47-22859497 Library, Alma
Picture of Lisa Virginia Benson Benson, Lisa Virginia Hovedbibliotekar +47-22859570 Library
Picture of Gjermund Bergaust Bergaust, Gjermund Konsulent +47-22852193 Library, Loan
Picture of Rebecca Josefine Five Bergstrøm Bergstrøm, Rebecca Josefine Five Univ.bibliotekar +47-22859306 Library, Teaching, Databases, E-books, Literature search
Picture of Svein Helge Birkeflet Birkeflet, Svein Helge Academic Librarian +47-22850353 Library
Bjerke, Olav Secretary Library
Picture of Glenn Karlsen Bjerkenes Bjerkenes, Glenn Karlsen Head Librarian +47-22859176 Library, Literature search, Information Literacy, Teaching, Oria, EndNote
Bjørgen, Siw Elin Secretary Library
Picture of Merete Bloch Bloch, Merete Senior Librarian +47-22856930 Library
Bonnevie, Tiril Senior Librarian +47-22859455 Library, Loan, Library guidance, Cataloguing
Picture of Signe Marie Brandsæter Brandsæter, Signe Marie Univ.bibliotekar +47-22857605 Library