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The Library Board

The Library Board is the supreme governing body of the University Library. The Library Board is responsible for defining overarching goals, priorities and strategies for the Library's activities within the framework of applicable statutes, instructions and regulations, including decisions made by the University Board.

The Library Board is composed of eight members:

  • 4 academic representatives
  • 2 student representatives
  • 1 representative of the library’s employees
  • 1 external representative

The Library Board shall have a Chair and a Deputy Chair appointed by the Rector from among the four academic board members.

The Chair is the leader of the Library Board, and monitors the library’s activities on the board’s behalf. The Chair represents the board externally, within the board’s area of authority. The Chair leads the board’s proceedings, and cooperates with the Library Director in planning the work of the board.

Period of election for the Library Board:

01 Sep 2013 - 31 Aug 2017. The student representatives are elected for a term of one year..

Academic representatives and deputy representative

  • Professor Petter Laake (Faculty of Medicine), Chair
  • Associate Professor Ingvill Rasmussen ​(Department of Education)
  • Professor John Asland​ (Faculty of Law​)
  • Professor Tyge Greibrokk (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
  • Professor Tore Nilssen (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Deputy: Professor Per Barth Lilje​ (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
  • Deputy: Professor Anastasia Maravela​ (Faculty of Humanities)

Representatives and deputy representatives of the library’s employees

  • Senior Librarian Marte Ødegaard​
  • 1st Deputy: Senior Librarian Geir Nordanger​ 
  • 2nd Deputy: Academic Librarian  Atle Wehn Hegnes​

Student representatives and deputy representatives

(Period: 1 July 2013 - 30 June 2014)

  • Silje Nybråten Langerud​
  • Christian Strandenæs​
  • 1st Deputy: Espen Holmen Grøtberg
  • 2nd Deputy: Atle Halvorsen Hjelkerud

External representatives

  • Author / Astrophysicist Eirik Newth
  • Deputy: Journalist Kathrine Aspaas​​
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