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How to perform a search

In Oria you will find both printed and electronic resources like books, journals etc. In addition to resources available at UiO you can also search the collections of many other Norwegian academic libraries and in articles and book chapters from many different databases.

Search scopes

In the search box you can choose between three different search scopes:

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University of Oslo Library
When the search box is set to the University of Oslo Library, the search results will contain electronic and printed resources found in the University Library's collections.

Norwegian Academic Libraries
If you change the search scope to Norwegian Academic Libraries, you will find both electronic and printed resources that are available in all Norwegian academic libraries, which can be ordered.

UB digital
If you want to search for electronic resources only, you can choose the scope UB digital. The results list will then not contain any resources from print collections.

Expand beyond library collections

If you search for an existing article title and no results are returned, this usually means that UiO hasn't got access to the article. However you can check the box "Expand beyond library collections" to the right of the results list.

Under the heading Tweak my results is the checkbox "Expand beyond library collections".

In many cases you will then find the article, with the possibility to order it.

The results list

The search results are ordered by relevance. The hits most relevant to your search appear at the top of the list. However you can change the sorting to date, author or title.

The hits most relevant to your search appear at the top of the search results list.

Click on the record you are interested in to find more information about it.

For a print document you will under the Get it section find information about where to find it and after signing in there will in many cases be request options.

Example of print document with get it information

To read full text books and articles, go to the View it section and click on one of the links from publishers. 

Example of electronic document with view it information

Saving searches and pinning items

  • If you are signed in, you can save a search in Oria.
  • You can also pin individual items from the result list, by clicking on the pin button to the right of the item.

Save a search by clicking on the Save query icon.

Saved searches and items are found by clicking the pin icon in the top menu.

The link to My favorites with saved searches and items is found in the top menu.


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