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After submission

When the master thesis is registered and uploaded to StudentWeb, it is transferred to the DUO Research Archive for archiving. If you have said yes to open access, your thesis will be available in DUO when you have passed your exam and the deadline for complaint has passed.

After StudentWeb

After the master thesis is registered and uploaded to Studentweb, it is transferred to DUO. It is not searchable or retrievable for others until 98 days after the submission deadline has passed. Once the grade is given, the deadline for appeal has passed, and you have passed, your thesis is made available in DUO. If you have restricted the thesis or said that the thesis should not be available, only the author name and thesis title are searchable. If you have provided a summary, this is also searchable.

Submit thesis for examination

Even if you submit your thesis to DUO research archive via Studentweb, you must also submit the thesis for examination in the way required by your department / faculty.

The National Archives

The National Archives of Norway has decided that all theses at master's level are worthy of preservation and must be submitted to the National Archives. DUO will have an annual transmission of master's theses to the National Archives to safeguard this.


DUO Research Archive is UiO's Open Access archive, and includes electronic editions of master's theses, doctoral theses, articles and reports. Most of the documents in DUO are openly available on the Internet.

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