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Submit your Master's thesis to the University of Oslo's open research archive (DUO)

Submit in StudentWeb

Have the following ready in advance:

  • Do you use Internet explorer? It might not work. Use an other browser to submit the thesis.
  • Make sure you know your UiO username and password. Have you forgotten? Get your username or set new password. Problems? Contact IT support for students.
  • The title of your thesis
  • Summary, if you would like to make it available to the public in the DUO open research archive.
  • The thesis in a PDF-format. How to make a PDF from a document. Any attachments need not be converted to PDF.
  • The original file(s) may be provided if you wish, but this is not obligatory. If they are to be provided, have them ready. By original files we mean the document files the thesis was written in before it was converted to PDF, e.g. a Word file.
  • Make sure you know where on your computer you have saved the files you are going to submit.
  • Start your submission in good time before the deadline. It may take some time to enter the summary and upload the file(s).
  • Group thesis? Students who have collaborated on a thesis must individually submit the thesis in StudentWeb.

You may change and submit your thesis again - until the deadline for submission.

NB! In addition, deliver the thesis in accordance with the institute's / faculty's requirements.

How to submit in Studentweb

Log in to Studentweb with username and password

  • NB: You cannot submit if you log in with your Norwegian ID number and PIN code.
  • Click "More" in the task menu and choose "Thesis submission"

The menu option will only be visible if you for the current semester have:

  • registered as a student
  • paid the semester fee
  • registered for examination in the Master's thesis course.

Start submission

On the front page for thesis submission you are reminded about all the things you need to have ready in advance. When everything is ready, click the green button to start submission.

Register information about your thesis

  • Enter the language the thesis is written in.
  • If you are submitting a group thesis, tic the box to register it.
  • Enter the title of the thesis. The title will appear on transcripts, the diploma and in the DUO open research archive.
  • You should also enter the English title of the thesis so that it appears on the transcripts in English.
  • Enter the summary if you would like it to be published in the DUO open research archive.
  • Enter keywords which describe your thesis. Separate the keywords with a comma, e.g. inflation, economic crises. Keywords are searchable in the DUO open research archive and the Internet, and will make it easier for those interested to find your thesis.

Click the green button to move on.

Upload file(s)

  • Click the button Select a file
  • Navigate to where you have saved your thesis file. You can only upload it as a PDF file.
  • You may also upload attachments that belong to the thesis and the original files (Word, LaTex, Open Office etc.).
  • If you upload the wrong file, you can delete it by clicking on the button 'Delete File'.

Click the green button to move on.

Determine Accessibility

If you make the Master's thesis accessible in the DUO open research archive, the thesis will be searchable and accessible on the Internet. If you choose not to make the Master's thesis accessible, only the author, thesis title and any summaries will be searchable, and not the Master's thesis itself.

Click the green button to move on.

Verify submission

  • Check the information before submitting.
  • Use the Previous button at the bottom of the page and scroll back to change if needed.
  • When everything is correct, click on the green button. The thesis and the information you have registered is then send to the DUO open research archive.


  • You also receive an e-mail confirmation.

Please note it is when you submit your thesis, your receive an e-mail confirmation. If you choose edit submission, and edit an already submitted thesis, you will not receive an e-mail conformation. On the other hand; if you delete your first submission, and submit your thesis again, you will receive a new e-mail confirmation.

As you can tell from the picture above, you will in all cases, see a text that confirms that your thesis has been submitted to DUO - open research library with date and time.

Edit, change or delete your thesis until the submission deadline

You can change the information and submit new files until the deadline. You find options to edit and delete by choosing Thesis submission in the task menu as showed above.

What is possible to change after the submission deadline?


You can change the option that your thesis will be available to all, not electronically available, etc., but only after the thesis has become searchable in DUO. Your thesis is made searchable 98 days after the submission deadline. When you have found your thesis in DUO open research archive, please send an email to

If your thesis needs to be restricted due to duty of secrecy, please send an email to immediately.

Spelling mistakes in the title or summary:

We can correct spelling mistakes in title and summary when your thesis is searchable in DUO. Your thesis is made searchable 98 days after the submission deadline. When you have found your thesis in DUO open research archive, please send an email to

Spelling mistakes in your thesis:

The version in DUO must be identical to the censored version. This means that we can't replace the file that you submitted with another. If you have any spelling mistakes or other errors in the thesis, we can add an errata list which state the mistakes and what it actually should be. A short errata list can be added to the summary field, a long errata list can be added as an extra file. An errata list can be added when your thesis is made searchable in DUO. That will happen 98 days after the submission deadline. When you have found your thesis in DUO, please send an email to

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