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Doctoral Theses in DUO

For information to be useful, it must be accessible - this is part of the Open Access mindset. Open Access means unrestricted online access to articles published in scholarly journals. Making your research available in the DUO Research Archive, also makes you and your research available to research scenes nationally and internationally.

All doctoral theses in DUO.

There are three ways you can publish your doctoral thesis in DUO:

  1. Register your thesis in CRIStin and upload the file. This is the most preferred way, as your thesis is accessible in CRIStin, as well as in DUO.
  2. If you do not have access to CRIStin you can contact us directly at
  3. If you have your thesis printed at the Graphic center, you can also have an electronic file sent to DUO A brief summary/abstract can be included as a separate file.

Article-based theses

If your thesis is article-based, we may need to remove some articles, depending on the various publishers' self archiving policies. We check all articles and remove the ones we do not have permission to publish. Link are provided to all published articles.

Unpublished manuscripts are removed awaiting publishing.


If your thesis is a monograph, and you do not have content which has been published elsewhere previously, the whole thesis can be made accessible in DUO. If you plan to publish the thesis as a book through a publisher, it is advisable to talk to the publisher in advance. Some publishers are interested in having theses in DUO as good advertising, others do not want the text available online until after the book is released.


It is an advantage to register an abstract in DUO. The abstract increases the visibility of your thesis, and helps readers assess if the thesis is relevant for them. There are no formal requirements for abstracts in DUO, but we recommend a maximum length of around 600 words. You can register your abstract in several languages.

Publishing in DUO

When you make your thesis available in DUO, it involves duties and responsibilities for both UiO and you as the author.

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