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Open Access

Open Access logoIt is the University of Oslo's goal that research results shall be openly available to individuals, the public sector, trade and industry, and the global research community.

Publishing Open Access?

How do I publish Open Access, and how do I avoid fraud?


How to self-archive in DUO research archive via Cristin.
Information on self archiving and other archives.

Publishing deals and discounts

UiOs deals and discounts for Open Access publishing.

Research Data Management

The UiO policy and guidelines. Help and advice on managing research data. 

Requirements for Open Access

Open Access requirements from University of Oslo, Plan S / Research Council of Norway, EU and the Government.

About Open Access

What is Open Access? Which advantages does it give you? The paths to Open Access.

Starting a new journal (FRITT)

FRITT is a publishing service for Open Access journals run by UiO communities.

Publishing fund

Open Access courses

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