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What is Humord?

Humord is the name of a Norwegian thesaurus for the subject areas humanities and social sciences. The thesaurus is in Norwegian and English. Humord is also the name of a joint indexing activity.

Participants are the university libraries of Oslo, Bergen, Nord, OsloMet and Tromsø, the library of The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies, the library at The Nobel Institute, The National Museum's library, the library at Volda University College, the library at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Stavanger Museum library, the Storting library, the library at Molde University College.


Facts about the thesaurus

Subject coverage

The thesaurus is based upon the literary warrant in the participating libraries and covers the humanities and social sciences with associated disciplines.

The thesaurus project (1993-1994)

Participants: The university libraries in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø and Riksbibliotektjenesten (RBT)

Project management: Norsk termbank, The University of Bergen

  • The thesaurus Humord with approx. 11.800 terms (indexing terms with synonyms) 
  • Local guidelines 
  • A set of indexing rules

Thesaurus structure

The thesaurus is based upon guidelines in ISO 25964-1. The structure is basically hierarchical with some use of facets.


By 2020 Humord contains approx. 19200 terms and 11000 synonym. The indexing terms are single concepts for post-coordination. 

There are four types of indexing terms:

  • Topical terms
  • Chronological terms
  • Geographic names
  • Genre/Form for describing the bibliographical or physical form

Proper names:

  • Included: Geographical names, names of periods and historical events, names of characters form literature, mythology and religion
  • Not included: Personal names and names of institutions. Such names are registered and standardized in specific fields in the Marc 21 format.



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