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Publishing in DUO Research Archive (DUO)

When publishing in DUO, the author retains the copyright to the document. This means that 1) others cannot use the document commercially or as their own and 2) the author is free to further reuse and publish.

Making a document available on the Internet means that others can link to, display, quote from, print and download the document within the framework provided by the Copyright Act (in Norwegian).

UiO’s duties / responsibilities

UiO shall make the document available in the form it was submitted to UiO, with any technical adjustments considered necessary. UiO shall protect the document from being changed by unauthorized users / third parties, as much as possible given the technical solutions used.
UiO is not responsible for the contents of documents made available through DUO, or for the author's behaviour/actions.

The author’s duties / responsibilities

The author guarantees that he / she is the originator of the submitted document, and has full disposal rights over this document. If there are other licensees, the author must obtain the necessary permits from e.g. co-author, photographer, artist. In such cases, we recommend the author acquires written permission from any other third party and archives this material so that it can be presented whenever necessary. The author must ensure that the document does not include any material which comes into conflict with existing Norwegian law or contains links or other connections to such material.

Withdrawal of documents

The author can request the document, including metadata / information, withdrawn from DUO at any time, by sending e-mail to UiO can discontinue, on a fair and just basis, the electronic publication of a document in DUO.

Transfer to third party

UiO can only transfer DUO's content to third parties if the author's interests is taken care of in the transfer agreement.

See also The University of Oslo Library’s Privacy Policy.

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