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Atekst for research and studies

Atekst is an important service for searching Norwegian newspapers for students and employees / researchers. A solution has been established that provides the opportunity for searching in Atekst for those who have a particular professional need.

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Signing inn to Atekst

You can sign inn here if you already have a username and password for Atekst.

Apply for access to Atekst

Master's students who are work on completing a master's thesis, PhD candidates and academic staff can apply for access to Atekst by filling out the form below. (The form is in Norwegian only.)

Approved applicants will be sent a username and password within two working days.

Application form for access to Atekst

Get help with searching in Atekst

The University Library offers guidance in planning a search in Atekst, and how to use the service to search in an efficient and appropriate manner that also reduces the number of articles that need to be downloaded. It is not permitted to use the service to download a large number of articles. Book guidance when applying for access.

Alternativ news archives

The National Library's newspaper archive ( is an alternative service to accessing Norwegian newspapers, or you can try Pressreader which gives you access to newspapers and magazines from around the world.

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