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Library guidance

We have several guidance services for students and employees at UiO, and employees at OUS. You can get help with literature search, source use, writing help, guidance in research data etc. We are here to help you!

  • Humsam library
    • You can book an appointment directly in the calendar, and general guidance or subject specific guidance with a subject specialist in your field, or drop in to our digital circulation desk in Zoom.
  • Library of medicine and science
    • You can get help or guidance on how to use the library, literature searching, reference management and reference programs.
  • Digital Scholarship Center
    • The center offers guidance for researchers who need help with data management. Topics include writing data management plans, archive selection, classification, storage, documentation etc.
  • Academic writing centre
    • The writing centre is open for students and researchers who wish to improve their writing. Come and discuss your ideas, drafts and questions with one of our writing consultants.
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